Meet Karena


KarenaHi There!  I'm Karena Calhoun, and here's how I'm currently leaning into my life purpose and filling my cup daily: 

Expert Life Strategist at Go Be Great Coaching, where I'm working with women who are struggling with feeling stuck and not living up to the potential they know they deserve.

Fireside Chatter at Go Be Great! Podcast with Coach Karena where I'm interviewing people of all kinds from around the world who want to bring their passion, purpose, and services to women entrepreneurs and influencers.  

Founder at The Introverted Connection Concierge, where I'm bringing people from around the world who want to share their passion, purpose, and services with others.  

I have been helping women and young girls since 2004 to dial into what they're called to do while addressing and overcoming inner hindrances.

By walking through these frameworks, women can create a life-purpose roadmap to find joy in what matters most to them.

I believe that everyone has a purpose to GO BE GREAT and that self-fulfillment comes within that purpose.

Outside of the purpose and passion of coaching, I absolutely love spending time with my family at a beach or in the mountains, eating lots of seafood, and watching action movies.



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What Others are Saying

This has been really impactful for me because we are working on things that I never thought of! I’ve already learned that I have been holding myself back with my thoughts and fear! I find myself saying I can’t A LOT!!! or just wait until I get better to start! So I have made a promise to myself that I always turn my thoughts around to make them positive! I really appreciate all you’re doing to help us!
M. Johnson


Erin R.
"Great Morning Karena, I would say it is impactful when you have to sit down and truly evaluate yourself because we don't always know to do that as adults we just grow up, work and take care of the family if you have one so this is going to be an experience for me but I'm sticking with it I need to know me better and I thank you for doing this for all of us women I know I need it, especially if I want to succeed in my business. Have a wonderfully blessed day "

Roshella M.
"Good Morning. This journey is really opening my eyes to some self sabotaging characteristics I’ve had over the years, in relationships, goals, etc. I’m praying that my mindset changes immediately so I can be a better, healed me."

D'Nita W.
"That whoooooolllleeee FEAR part....I had to listen to it multiple times. Always looked at fear like a very negative thing. I used it as an excuse, sort of like a crutch to nit even start to do the work towards a goal....whew. I’m going to listen to that part again, can’t wait to put a smiley face on that BINGO block."