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Featured Speaker Profile Submission and Confidentiality Agreement

Thank you for graciously agreeing to share your knowledge with the GO BE GREAT audience. This podcast is a branch of WarKry Consulting Solutions, LLC.

Please note that this is not a paid feature, and you are encouraged to market your feature.

During this segment, we will have a hybrid-styled episode that will consist of the following:

I will ask you three questions:

  • Where in the world are you?
  • How are you loving on the world around you?
  • What last words of wisdom would you like to leave with us?

To learn more about the cornerstone of what GBG w/Coach Karena does, please visit www.gobegreatcoaching.com.


Have you been a featured guest on a podcast, radio, or tv show?  If so, then provide the link(s) below.  If not, type N/A.

What is your goal for being on The Go Be Great! Podcast

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We do not require monetary payment for your appearance on our show.  We require you to participate in at least one previously aired episode on our YouTube Channel.  Here's how we like to see participation:  

✅Listen to and leave a meaningful comment of at least two sentences on our YouTube Channel. 

✅Subscribe to our YT for a period of at least 12 months. 

We will confirm this step has been completed before approving your guest feature.  

Provide the name of the episode that you listened to below.

Immediately following your episode recording - you will be asked to record a short video testimonial regarding your experience leading up to being a featured guest on the Go Be Great With Coach Karena Podcast.  This testimonial can include but is not limited to the experience of Submitting your profile request, Communication with the GBG Team, Recording the episode, etc.

Do you understand?

Are you interested in doing a Facebook Live that will ultimately be included in our Podcast lineup?  

Not all submissions will be approved for FB Lives, as this is a beta project.

If you have a podcast or other online show, we would love to refer guests to you.  Do you have a podcast that you would like added to our database?  If so then provide the following:  

1. Name of Your Podcast
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3. Ideal Guest Profile
4. Main Topics Covered

Immediately following your episode recording - you will be asked to record a short guest promo.  Saying something similar to: 

My Name is _____ and I was just on the GO BE GREAT PODCAST WITH KARENA CALHOUN, and you should watch it because we talked about ____"

We will send this clip to you to use in your promotions in addition to the graphic.

Do you understand?

Arriving late (more than five minutes without prior notification) to your recording session could require you to reschedule your recording.


The following are absolutely and without exception prohibited:

Do you give Karena Calhoun and her representatives creative rights to name/title the episode based on the fireside chat?  

We will record both video and audio.

Your podcast episode will air on your scheduled date at 10 am EST.

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We will require two professional headshots.  Email them to strategicsolutions@warkry.com.  Type Podcast Guest Assets in the subject line along with your full name.  Example:  Podcast Guest Assets - Daisy Smith.  Not following this format could cause your submission to be removed from the queue.  

You will receive an email usually within 3-10 days with the next steps after we have reviewed your profile submission and believe you would be a great fit for the show. 

Please note:

  • The review time could be sooner, or it could be longer, depending on our workload.
  • If you are a great fit, we will email you a response.  
  • Most sessions are recorded on Saturdays.

Your preferred title (i.e., Dr., coach, author, CEO, President, etc.).

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