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Karena Calhoun: Empowering Womenpreneurs to Overcome Barriers and Achieve Financial Success



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I'm Karena Calhoun, the visionary behind Go Be Great Coaching & Consulting and I'm The Introverted Ambition Bully!

I specialize in services tailored for women entrepreneurs who are passionate about achieving financial success but may be facing barriers like lack of confidence, limited networking skills or the know-how of client attraction.  I am an avid introvert and introvert advocate.  I understand that being an introvert can be but doesn't have to be a setback to real business growth.


Why Partner with Me?

  • Holistic Approach: I address both your personal challenges and your business goals, ensuring a balanced path to success.

  • Actionable Strategies: I offer practical, step-by-step plans to improve your networking skills and attract clients. 
  • Supportive Community: Go Be Great Coaching provides a safe space to practice new skills, gain confidence, and connect with like-minded women entrepreneurs.

🔗Schedule Your Go Be Great Sample Session


Services Tailored for Your Success

  • Confidence Building for Profit: Transform self-doubt into client engagement. 
  • Networking Skills for the Introverted: Master authentic networking without compromising your true self.
  • Podcast Guesting with Confidence: Become a sought-after podcast guest and use your authentic voice to attract clients.



What Others Have Said:


Sarah J.

The Pick-My-Brain consultation has been an absolute game-changer for me. Coach Karena's expertise has been invaluable. Her deep knowledge, attentiveness, and commitment to my success has truly set her apart. I've been able to navigate complex personal challenges with confidence, and I've achieved remarkable results.

- Sarah, Entrepreneur

Roshella M.
Good Morning. This journey is really opening my eyes to some self sabotaging characteristics I’ve had over the years, in relationships, goals, etc. I’m praying that my mindset changes immediately so I can be a better, healed me.

D'Nita W.
That whoooooolllleeee FEAR part....I had to listen to it multiple times. Always looked at fear like a very negative thing. I used it as an excuse, sort of like a crutch to nit even start to do the work towards a goal....whew. I’m going to listen to that part again, can’t wait to put a smiley face on that BINGO block.