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Ready to be a guest on the show?  We'd love for you to create and submit your guest application!  Once we have received and reviewed it, if you're a great fit, then we will email you a link to schedule your episode recording. 




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Take our mini e-course to prepare. We've had hundreds of applicants, and this course helps you stand out.

Why Podcasting?

Podcasting is a powerful way to expand your reach. It's a cost-effective method to connect with an audience that's both affluent and educated.

The Benefits of Being a Guest

As a guest, you don't need your own podcast or expensive equipment. You just need to know how to present yourself and your story compellingly.

How to Get Featured

Our training, "Amplify Your Voice," guides you through becoming a sought-after podcast guest. From crafting your story to acing the interview, we've got you covered.

Let's Podcast Together And Grow The World Around US!




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✔️Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the show about? We are building a well-rounded hub for women to be authentic by embracing  business leaders worldwide.  By bringing in diverse business owners who provide various products and services, women can come to the show and receive tips, tools, strategies, and products for their life.   

We are also helping get the word out about the vital work business owners worldwide do to serve their market, community, and profession.  

How do I call in? We interview via Zoom, and you'll receive the call-in information with your booking confirmation email.

What topics will we address? The show aims to highlight you, your company, and your work. We'll address whatever questions/topics best shine that spotlight on you. The guest information form you submit will include those questions/topics. We'll use what you give us to guide the interview. And don't worry, there are no "gotcha" questions.

Do you have any tips on how to be a great guest?  Be yourself, be authentic, talk about what you love, smile while speaking and let's have a GREAT TIME.  The bottom line? Tell stories that demonstrate your expertise.

I’m nervous! Don't worry and relax! Our goal is to make you shine! I've never had anyone come on the show and say they didn't enjoy the experience.

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Podcast Guest Form

The following are absolutely and without exception prohibited:

  • Profanity, Course or Insensitive Speech
  • Political Speech
  • Spiritual Speech