Hi There, Karena - Here's your JANUARY 2023 issue of the GO BE GREAT MONTHLY NEWSLETTER!  There are LOTS of great things coming for 2023, and I'm so thrilled to bring you into the loop!

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Hi There Karena - how have you been?

I want to share a small piece of my heart with you today. 

Did you know that even coaches, mentors, consultants, etc., such as myself, are still working in progress, and we all still mix things up at times?

Feeling overwhelmed and wanting to give up is a genuine struggle.

Feeling defeated can compound it even more.

Here are a few of my thoughts as it relates to feeling overwhelmed.

  1. Having a clear path to where you want to go is going to be critical.

  2. Reframing your self-talk creates a different reaction.

How have you passed through this stumbling block in the past?

I’ve been trying new things lately because it’s time to move forward in life, and I want to share a few of them with you:

1.  I've stopped trying to force journaling.  Instead, I've started journaling when I have something to say but don't want to say it to people and when I have more than three thoughts/ideas running in my head.  I've done this because it clears my thinking and doesn't keep me in my head constantly.  IT'S. DONE. WONDERS. FOR. ME!

2.  I look for more profound ways to bless others without expecting rewards or accolades.  I'm a giver at heart.  I want to give, give, give.  But rather than giving away so much and being depleted...I'm looking for ways to give deeper so that my cup isn't empty.  

3.  I'm setting new boundaries.  Yep, even at this ripe age...I'm setting boundaries even with those that I hold and love dearly.  It's been AMAZING!  

I've been doing these three for the last few months, and I have to be honest with you...it's been great for my peace of mind.  

What’s something new you’ve tried recently? Did it work? 

Hit me back and let me know.  

Karena 🫶🏾

Go Be Great!



Karena this month, I am featuring entrepreneur and fellow Richmonder Katrina Butler. 

Based in RVA, Katrina Butler is the founder and CEO of KRB Executive Services LLC - a virtual support agency that works solely with women entrepreneurs. Starting her business right at the beginning of the pandemic, this self-proclaimed “chaos organizer” has been sharpening her skills and has joined the ranks of Dubsado Certified Specialists and Asana Services Partners.

Katrina spends her days helping her clients increase their productivity & smash their business goals. She is known for her kind-hearted yet no-nonsense approach to organization, creating & implementing systems, and pre-planning. She enjoys taking her clients' visions and ideas and helping them become a reality.

What is the one thing listeners need to know about working with you?

I am dedicated to supporting women business owners as they take charge of their businesses and transition from the overwhelm caused by solopreneurship. My goal is to help women like YOU reduce stress, shift your focus from daily Hooperational tasks to your clients, and run your businesses more confidently!

Ready to see how an online business manager can take your business to the next level?

We should set up a time to talk! Click here to schedule your FREE 20-minute consultation call today.  

KRB Executive Services LLC is a virtual support agency that works with women entrepreneurs with service-based businesses. I help my clients streamline their systems, increase productivity, and improve their work-life balance. From thought to completion, I work alongside my clients to create efficient processes to help them better serve their clients.

There are 5 main ways that I support my clients:
1. Monthly virtual support as an online business manager
2. The Executive Launch VIP Day
3. Launch Support & Project Management
4. 1:1 Strategy Sessions
5. Workshops

Reach out to Katrina today if you need to take your superwoman cape off! krbexecutiveservices.com

Watch Katrina's video episode on Spotify


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Everything You Want IS Possible.

1.  The sky's the limit.

2.  Let's make it happen!

3.  You can do anything you want, so go out and make those dreams a reality.

4.  Believe in yourself, and nothing is impossible.

5.  Dream big and fight for what you want!

6.  It's time to turn your dreams into reality!

7.  Start today and make it happen!

We've all been told these exact words of 'motivation.'  All that sounds great until you actually have to live it and don't know how to even begin. How exactly do you live it? How do you begin to be who you are called to be?


Here are a few steps to get you started:

1. Know Your Values: It’s essential to take the time to define your values. What do you want out of life? What is most important to you? Take the time to discover what truly motivates and drives you.


2. Set SMART Goals: Goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. Once you define your goals, it’s essential to break them down into smaller chunks so that they are manageable.


3. Make a Plan: Plan how to accomplish each of your goals. This includes what resources and help you need, what steps you will take, and when you plan to complete each step.


4. Take Action: This is the most important part of achieving your goals. The only way they become a reality is if you start taking action toward them. Set aside time daily to put in the work needed to make your dreams come true.


5. Celebrate and Review: Make sure to celebrate your successes, no matter how small they may be. Taking time to recognize your accomplishments can help motivate you to keep going. It’s also important to review your goals often so that you can adjust them if needed.


By following these steps, you will be on your way to achieving anything you put your mind to. Everything is possible if you believe in yourself and take action! So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and make those dreams a reality!


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Here are a few of our interviews coming to you in January: 

  • Faith, Failure & Success In Business With Sherry Ollison - 1.3.2023
  • Solving Burnout and Overwhelm With Ariel Vang - 1.10.2023
  • Leaning Into Your Authenticity With Jacklyn Purvis - 1.17.2023

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