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Here's your March 2023 issue of the GO BE GREAT MONTHLY NEWSLETTER! 

This month is nationally recognized as Women's History Month, and I know you're probably thinking: Karena if it's WOMEN'S History Month, then why do you have an image of a young girl??? 
Because of two things, my friend: 
1. I want to remind you of the unstoppable, child-like faith you had when you were a kid and believed NOTHING could stop you. 
2. When we have the vision and idea of what we are fighting for in sight, we keep going. We are fighting for every little girl who will someday be where we are today. 
It is our job to create an equal world for generations of women and girls who will come after us. Let's make sure that, when they look back on this moment in history, it was one that celebrated the accomplishments of all women — no matter what size, shape, color, or creed.
Let's continue to stand for equality and continue to empower the next generation of girls and women. Together, we are unstoppable!
And while we are continuing the mission, let's also celebrate the everyday heroes in our community and learn stories of resilience, courage, and ambition.

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Hi There Karena - how have you been? 

I want to remind you to give power to the solution, not the problem.

When it comes to tackling a problem, the best approach is to focus on finding and implementing the best solution.

Focusing on the problem only reinforces negative feelings and prevents progress.

It's easy to get caught up in worrying about what could go wrong, but instead of letting it consume you, direct your energy toward finding solutions that can

make a positive impact on the situation. This can help you stay motivated and ensure that you are taking steps to improve things.

Instead of getting bogged down in negativity, find ways to turn the problem into an opportunity for growth and learning.

When it comes to problem-solving, it's important to have a plan and take action. Create a list of possible solutions,

and then determine which ones can be implemented first. Take the initiative to move forward with what you can do now,

as this will help you get closer to overcoming the challenge. Break down your goals into smaller tasks so that they are more achievable,

and don't forget to ask for help when needed.

The most successful problem-solvers are those that understand the power of finding and implementing solutions. They tap into their creativity,

use their experience and knowledge to find new ways to tackle the issue, and never allow themselves to get stuck in a state of worry or fear.

By giving power to the solution rather than the problem, you can confidently move forward and make progress instead of getting stuck in the same patterns.

It takes courage to face challenges head-on, but it is well worth the hard work to come out stronger on the other side.

Whatever problem you may be facing, remember that solutions are within reach.

Believe in yourself and your abilities and focus on creating the best outcome possible. Give power to the solution, not the problem.

By taking this approach, you will be well on your way to achieving success!

How did this speak to you?  Hit me back and let me know.  

Go Be Great!

Karena 🫶🏾


Karena this month, I am featuring Luxury Business Coach and Strategist:  Elizabeth Solaru.  


Elizabeth is the owner and operator of Luxury Business Emporium.  


I had the pleasure and honor to sit down with Elizabeth recently for a real and raw interview that left me almost speechless. 


Elizabeth is one who has the capacity to unlock a new level in you that you didn't know was there and to push you

further into your destiny without even being in the Country as you. 


You see, Elizabeth is headquartered out of the UK, and I'm in the US. 


However, I felt the sheer power of her presence through the camera as if she were sitting right next to me.  


Browse Elizabeth's website, reach out to her, and don't look back.  You're in for an amazing and life-altering experience.  



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Be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your method. 

Goals are non-negotiable, Karena!

It’s your method of reaching them that really counts.

If all you do is stare at your goal planner all day, they won’t get completed. Trust me; I’ve tried, lol.

What’s your system to reach your goals? Is it writing down a list of things to do every day, setting yourself reminders throughout the day,

or maybe you prefer to reward yourself once you reach your goals?

Whatever system you decide to use, the most important part is consistency.

Even if it’s something as small and simple as making a plan for tomorrow each night before bed, stick with it.

Once you find a routine that works for you, it will be easier to stay on track and make progress toward your goals.

It’s also important to remember that life throws curveballs, and there will be times when things don't go as planned.

That's why it's important to stay flexible and adjust your method if needed.

Lastly, don't forget to enjoy the journey! Celebrate every step of progress, no matter how small,

and appreciate that you are taking steps toward reaching your goals.

Enjoy it - because hard work and dedication will ultimately bring you success.



Go Be Great With Coach Karena! Podcast releases a new episode every TUESDAY AT 10 AM EST with all-new content and a few fantastic interviews with women and men who want to pour into your purpose!  

Karena this month on the Go Be Great Podcast, we are featuring previous guests who we'd like to honor during WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH.  

These trailblazers are making extraordinary strides in their communities and are absolutely leaning into their purpose.  Be sure to not only watch their episode but 

be sure to reach out to them.  


March 7, 2023:  Shemekka Ebony -> The Resilience Of You

March 14, 2023:  Marquetta Finley -> The Business of Passion And Purpose

March 21, 2023:  Martha Van Dam -> The Breast Cancer That's Not Discussed

March 28, 2023:  Sara Im -> Building Your Resilience To Win



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