Hi There Karena!  Here's your September issue of the GO BE GREAT MONTHLY NEWSLETTER.  


In the last 30 days Karena, I've gained a deeper level of understanding of some of the personal growth that I teach to others. 

I love when this happens because that means I'm leaning deeper into my purpose, and that's creating a greater impact with those that I'm called to reach. 

To say the least...some of the situations were simple, while others were more complex, but they were all valuable nonetheless.

While I've known these simple 'life hacks' and subscribed to them wholeheartedly...being able to dive into them in a deeper way has taken my understanding to a different level - and I'm grateful for it.  

Here's just one of the most important life takeaways that I experienced in the last month that I'd like to share with you:

You can't please everyone, and happiness is not the same as peace: I've known this, and I subscribe to it totally.  

But what I didn't realize is that with certain people in my life, those that I love and honor deeply- knowing they were in a place of (emotional) discomfort bothered me deep down inside.  I absolutely have empathy for people and feel their pain and discomfort. 

But it became evident to me that I needed to be ten toes down when they wanted their comfort or agenda over mine.  That's when I made a very in-depth distinction between the happiness they wanted and the peace that I needed.  

This was a tough lesson for me to go deeper with because I always want to honor and respect those around me - those that I feel deserve it.

But eventually, I realized that it's not possible to create a space for others while jeopardizing my own place of peace. 

My takeaway was this:  It's not necessarily about happiness and who has it and who doesn't, but what makes you feel at peace in your life

That's when it became so extremely clear to me.  It's not about making anyone, including

myself, happy...it's about the peace that you may or may not compromise.

Karena, here's a reminder for you:  your peace is absolutely top priority!

Here's a pic of me feeling at peace with the decisions that I've made in my life.  

Go Be Great!






Karena, this month I am featuring entrepreneur Rochelle ParkerCEO and Founder of Reach, Empower and Produce Coaching Agency, LLC  

Rochelle E. Parker is a trailblazer who believes her greatest asset is her ability to coach women to become a champion in this process called life. Rochelle cultivates spaces centered on connecting women across generations to build relationships essential to their purpose. After overcoming all of the challenges, obstacles, and hurdles in life thus far, Rochelle believes that it is her duty and responsibility to empower other women to not be defeated by the process but rise to the challenge of thriving through the process. “Reach, Empower, and Produce” is a brand established with one goal in mind; to develop women into the most authentic version of ourselves. Rochelle is a motivator, mentor, entrepreneur, and spiritual leader, but most honored to be a servant of God’s people.

Reach, Empower, and Produce Coaching Agency, LLC is a business of services for events, group coaching, and speaking as well, as the mission is to transform women's lives from brokenness to wholeness and all aspects of life. 
Reach, Empower, and Produce Coaching Agency, LLC 



God speaks to your future and not your present circumstance. - Rochelle Parker 


Learn more about Rochelle Parker.


I would love to serve you, your community, and your network! Let's shift and win together!

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Setting and achieving goals is one of the most important things you can do for your personal growth, but it's not always easy.

This worksheet will help you create a roadmap to achieve the greatness you deserve. With S.M.A.R.T goals set both long term and short term, you'll be able to stay on track while reaching for greatness. 




How to Overcome Personal Growth Burnout

It's no secret that personal growth is essential for entrepreneurs. After all, if you're not constantly growing and evolving, your business will quickly become stagnant. However, it's also important to recognize when you're starting to feel burnt out from all of the self-improvement. In this blog post, we'll share some tips on how to overcome personal growth burnout.  Want to read more? 👉🏾 Go To Blog


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  • Living The Life You Want and Dreaming Big With Dr. Stephanie Wilson-Coleman - 9.1.2022

  • Authentic Relationships In Business With Amy Siegfried - 9.6.2022

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  • Holding Space For Mental Wellness With Darryl Queen - 9.15.2022

  • A Fireside Chat On The Introvert's Life With Birgit Livesey - 9.20.2022


  • More Than Marketing With Tai Goodwin - 9.27.2022



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What are your key takeaways thus far?

Realizing how important the process of peeling back the layers that I have been covered with, in order to reveal to myself who I am and meant to be. I was made to stand out, not fit in. 

-Catrina H. 

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