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So, June taught me a lot!  I'm one of those 'weirdos' -as my daughter calls me😂- who looks at certain things through a positive lens.  I like to take situations and learn as much as I can from them. 

Couple of things happened last month.  I realized:

1.  I was allowing a limiting belief to hinder my goals.  

2.  I wasn't as organized as I thought I was.  

3.  I'm not totally against networking groups anymore.  

  • Let's dive into the limiting belief situation.  My husband and I have been really dialed in as it relates to our goals.  We have plans in place.  Targets to reach, etc.  While we don't have gender roles in our home - we still have a lot to do and a lot still needs to be done.  We realized at the end of May that we needed help.  Primarily with cleaning our home.  Now, even though we are both there throughout the day...we just couldn't seem to get everything done inside the home and enough was enough.  We discussed hiring someone to come in to clean and it was an eye-opener.  I realized that I was using a value and limiting belief from childhood to potentially hold me in a perpetual state of fatigue.  The value and belief were that a woman should take care of her home and if she can't then something is wrong.  Now...again - we don't have gender-specific roles.  We do whatever needs to be done, whenever, however.  I will cut the grass if necessary and he will cook if necessary.  

I had to really dig in and understand where this value and belief came from, why was I still holding on to it, and was it the truth?  

I had to confront it.  I did.  I won.  When the team came, cleaned, organized, and left...I literally felt myself breathe and rest.  I felt comfortable in my home again and I was thankful and grateful!

The moral here of transparency:  if you have goals but you are holding on to old values and beliefs that are no longer serving you...then those same values and beliefs may be holding you back.  

  • Let's dive into the 'not as organized as I thought I was' situation.  I've told people this for years:  you don't know what you don't know.  So, being exposed to other people, other cultures, other mindsets, and ideas are always great.  Doesn't mean you have to lean towards them - simply take the meat and spit out the bones.  I am absolutely, unequivocally, and without doubt, a die-hard Slack and Trello user - well before the pandemic ever hit the scene.  As a business owner - I swear by these two platforms. 

As organized and as strategic as I know that I am...I felt unaligned and out of sync.  I looked around, asked around, talked to my team, and went back to a platform that I used for maybe five minutes in my business early on, years ago.  Asana.  Once I got into it and got my team in then I realized:  that this is the missing piece that I've needed. 

Again, as organized as I was...I didn't know what I didn't know.  It's important to have people you can bounce off questions, ideas, thoughts, etc,  Sometimes just talking it through can help because you never KNOW WHAT YOU DON'T KNOW.  Questions can come up from a simple conversation that will clear up any and all uncertainty or give the direction that you're looking for.  


  • Let's dive into the 'not totally against networking groups anymore' situation.  For YEARS...I just cannot emphasize that enough...YEARS I've absolutely unequivocally and without remorse hated networking groups and the idea of formal networking.  First and foremost...I'm an introvert.  Second-most that means I hate small talk.  Third-most I don't want folks trying to pitch me.  I'm one of those absolute buyers.  I'm either hot or cold - I want it or I don't.  

So one of my coaches has worked with me on this during the month of May and June...I went into it with an open mind because I believe in all transparency that what I'm doing is a worldwide movement and that my voice is going to go even more global than it has.  So, I've got to do something different and out of the comfort zone.  WELP FRIENDS...networking is it!  I HAVE HATED IT!  I didn't understand it.  It made my skin crawl and I just ran from it.  

Until I received clarity and a strategy...yes even for an introvert who hates small talk.  Listen...I've gotten so good at it that I went in full steam, straight-ahead, saw a few areas with a void, and CREATED MY OWN NETWORKING GROUP😱!!!!  Yep, I still attend others but listen...I've started the Forward Focus Christian Entrepreneurs Network.  To even write that is nothing short of amazing!  

Listen...when you have a coach who can absolutely clear out the old non-serving limiting beliefs then you've hit gold.  

I'm sharing all of this because I want to encourage you to think outside of the box regarding how you do life and business.  What can you do differently so that you are able to get different results?  Think it over, and then take action!  

So - here I am feeling pretty accomplished because during these last thirty days I've grown tremendously and those lessons learned can be shared with people like you - other folks who want to grow - in spite of any demographic that I could ever list here. 


Go Be Great!







There's so much talent and so many gifts in the world.  Karena, this month I am featuring entrepreneur Marquetta D. Finley, MS, CPP, CCT -affectionately known as 'Q' - President and CEO, Co-Founder of Xtraordinary Business Consulting LLC.  

Q has been a trailblazer in the business field while not only speaking but revealing through action her motto:  Taking the ordinary to extraordinary

As a Contributing Author for the Affirmations For A Woman On A Mission, Daily Journal - Q exhorts women to move to action.  


Below is an excerpt from the journal titled Courage

Once we have purposed that we are accepting our position of leadership it becomes important to posture ourselves to be intentional to lead with courage.  Choose to lead with courage in the midst of fear (personal and professional), courage in the midst of unpopular opinion, courage in the midst of celebration, and courage to remain authentic, integral, and sure.  Be strong and courageous and God will be with you!  
My greatest failures as a leader, in my home, on my job, and in other spaces, came when I chose to bend to fear rather than courage.  Courage doesn't always come with grand bravery, but it does come with great peace and humility. Courage is defined as the ability to do something that you know is difficult.  As a mom, leader, and friend I have been in situations where courage was required to speak the truth in love (even to myself), navigate others away from error and advocate for others.  Today, rise and face your day with courage – God is with you!  


Learn more about Marquetta D. Finley, MS, CPP, CCT

Xtraordinary Business Consulting LLC offers the comprehensive capabilities and 20+ years of industry knowledge necessary to help you solve the most complex issues of your organization.  Schedule a virtual coffee with Q to learn more about moving your business further.



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